Embrace the


That Make

You Unique

We each have a unique combination of strengths.

But when we don't understand them, it's easy to doubt ourselves.

Do you find yourself looking at other people and wishing you could be more like them??

Or beating yourself up for struggling with something that others seem to be so good at??

Do you feel stuck with the same bad habits or behaviors holding you back in your work or goals??

So many of our doubts and fears can stem from not understanding what our strengths are and how they show up for us as individuals.

You might be surprised at your unique set of strengths.

Every person has a unique combination of strengths or skills; a certain approach in how we think, behave, and feel that we take into everything we do.

UnLeash Your Strengths Coaching will help you get UNSTUCK.

Find out for yourself:


How Does Strengths Coaching Work??

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What is Clifton Strengths??

Clifton Strengths were developed through the work of Don Clifton.

He wanted to develop a way for people and organizations to know what their talents were so that they could better understand what skills they brought to a job, project, or company.

"What would happen if we studied what was right with people versus what's wrong with people?" was the question Clifton led with.

He decided that it would be better to evaluate people based on their STRENGTHS instead of their weaknesses.

After many years of collecting data, he developed what is now known as the Clifton Strengths Assessment, a 177 question "quiz".

This quiz evaluates your natural patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving and then synthesizes the information to identify your unique set of strengths.

What is UnLeash Your Strengths??

UnLeash Your Strengths is a program that focuses on going beyond the basic info provided in the report so you can truly understand HOW to use your strengths to get unstuck and step into the best version of yourself.

A lot of people get this report and end up feeling:

  • Overwhelmed by the information

  • Confused on how to apply it to their life

  • Discouraged by their "weaknesses"

  • Not sure how to make the most of the information.

With UnLeash Your Strengths, we help you to focus in on your top strengths, identify behavioral patterns that are tied to your strengths, and understand how you are infinitely unique.

Coming to Understand Your Strengths Will STOP the Comparison Cycle.

You Were Always Meant to Find Success in Your Own Way.


"Working with Ronai to understand my Strengths has helped me in so many ways! I had taken the test years ago and read some of the info, but didn't really know how to apply it.

Coaching with Ronai has helped me to really understand that it's ok to let go of the things I'm not good at (not my strengths!) and focus on what I AM good at. I feel more comfortable with who I am and approach my goals in a more creative way now. Highly recommend coaching - it is what unlocked the Strengths for me!

Joyce D. (Peoria, Illinois)


You are a true inspiration and have helped so many! The awesome educational groups you’ve had us involved in has literally improved all of our lives!

To know so much more because of you has taken the fear and ignorance out of using the natural God given medicines that are so much safer and more effective! I appreciate you and your amazing support and skills! Thanks for empowering us all!!!!

Becky B. (California City, California)


What a blessing! Working on my strengths has deepened my knowledge of not only what my strengths are, but what they actually mean specific to me. Understanding my strengths have helped me shift how I goal set and how I go about reaching my goals so that I am always doing my best to play to my strengths and align with my purpose and dreams. Though I am still working through this process in real time, I can honestly say that for the first time in my life I truly feel unapologetically me! I no longer internalize opinions and wonder if I am 'wrong' or 'less than'.

I can now identify why I think how I think, feel how I feel and take action in a way that honors who I am - without guilt or apology. I have greater perspective on how others are doing the same, even when they don't. This knowledge makes me more confident as an individual, a wife, a mother, a business owner, a friend, and person in general. I am more open to growth and constructive criticism. Because I understand my strengths, I also understand my weaker areas in a new way that has me focusing on leaning into my strengths versus trying to 'fix' a weakness.

Working with Ronai has truly been a gift beyond measure.

Shannon R. (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

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